Friday, March 6, 2009

Marco Island!!

This is Marco Island! Home of The Savoy Jazz And Blues Club. Home of The Bistro Olive And Spa. Home of Joell's Deelights Shoppes. Music, art, shopping and residential townhomes are all part of Marco Island.

Marco Island has been around for quite some time now, under different ownership and it was only recently that it came to be in my hands. I have to be honest and say that for a long time, I had hoped to one day own a region (or twenty) in Second Life. Fortune smiled upon me and Marco landed in my lap.

I also co-own and run The Savoy Jazz Club, so this was perfect. The Savoy has been kind of the focal point of Marco in some ways. It has taken off in popularity and brings in a decent amount of traffic to the sim, as well as attracting a very nice type of element to Marco Island. Focusing on music, blues and jazz, The Savoy is a microcosm of what I would like an ideal SL sim to be. Not flashy, but full of substance, friendship and fun.

The next piece in the puzzle that we are building on Marco Island turned out to be The Bistro Olive, which almost died before it really got started. The Bistro started out as a little dining spot, but quickly turned into an art gallery, as well. Finally, Kimala and bigd started bringing in musical acts and DJs to round out it's eclectic fare. Once a quarter of the sim opened up, they jumped on it and the rest is history. Enter Clynt and Willa and we now have a force to be reckoned with on the other corner of the island, complete with Spa and Sauna!

We might not even have a Marco Island were it not for Joell Jurgis' Deelight's Shoppes, which has been on Marco Island as long as I have known it. Joell is a prolific creator, builder and merchant and her shoppes include everything under the sun, as well as fishing and boat rides!

There are several other merchants on Marco Island, including Realasm, Lovenkrafted Shapes, Licks, Lady Trader, Borday's Junk Shop and Croi Scrite. You can buy clothing, male bits, shapes, wings, artwork, furniture and homes here.

I mentioned the Bistro Spa earlier, and it is a beautiful addition to Marco Island. You can relax with soothing music, massage, sauna, tai chi, meditation, or just soak your feet. The mountain top view is breathtaking! There is nothing better than listening to some relaxing music, lose the real world for a short time, and sink into yourself by doing some Tai Chi on the mountaintop at the Bistro Spa. and out, nothing to do, but flow. Simplify. Return to center, and then back to Life. :-)

Marco Island is a work in progress, so I hope you come and join us. Listen to jazz and dance, play trivia and chat, relax and recharge, or just shop your ass off! You might find us playing or reading or just dicking around. I think I'll just read for a bit......